Invasion from Mars!
July 08, 2007
by: Pastor John Stillman
Passage: Genesis 2:18-25
Series: It's a Guy Thing
Duration: 33:24
Imagine that once upon a time, there were men –and only men – living on the planet Mars. Two planets over, on Venus, there were only women. One day, the men looked through their telescopes and spotted the women on Venus and it awakened feelings they had never known. As time went on, the Martians and Venusians decided to settle on Earth and everything worked great – for a while. Then trouble crept in - tension in their relationships, mainly because of selective amnesia. The men and women forgot that they came from two different planets and were wired differently. Today, we learn how to survive the invasion from Mars!

Men Gone Wild
July 01, 2007
by: Pastor John Stillman
Passage: Proverbs
Series: It's a Guy Thing
Duration: 39:36
In the perfect world of Eden, God made and wired men to be protectors, providers, and cultivators. Sometimes that wiring gets messed up. It may be a short-circuit brought on by bad nurturing or by circumstances, but ultimately it comes from a man’s decision to live his life differently than how God made him. Today, we’re going to look at the sad situation of “men gone wild.” We’ll look at how men usually deface the image of God in them, the consequences of this defacement, and how we can restore the image.

Developing a Brave Heart
June 24, 2007
by: Pastor John Stillman
Passage: Selected Scriptures
Series: It's a Guy Thing
Duration: 44:22
There’s something that stirs in a man when he watches William Wallace, Aragorn, Maximus, “Dirty Harry” Callahan, Luke Skywalker, or Rocky Balboa do their stuff. It’s what John Eldredge describes as a man’s deep-down desire for “a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.” What stirs within us is the memory of battles and adventures and rescues that we have lived out. Or what stirs within us is a thirst for what we wish we were like.

Getting in Touch with Our Masculine Side
June 17, 2007
by: Pastor John Stillman
Passage: Genesis 1 & Genesis 2
Series: It's a Guy Thing
Duration: 45:04
Differences between men and women are often explained by saying, “It’s a guy thing.” As we look into God’s word, we’ll see that there really is a “guy thing.” Men and women are both bearers of the image of God – equal and unique. But while culture tries to dull the differences between men and women out of fear, the solution is to understand Biblical masculinity and learn to use it in the right way.