The Rewards of Redemption
February 25, 2007
by: Pastor John Stillman
Passage: Ruth 4
Series: Redeemed
Duration: 34:11
Every good love story must overcome obstacles. When two people overcome obstacles, they demonstrate their love for each other. The story of Ruth and Boaz is no different. In today’s last installment of the story of Ruth, we’ll learn some lessons on the best ways to work through the obstacles we face with godly wisdom and grace.

Redeeming Romance
February 18, 2007
by: Pastor John Stillman
Passage: Ruth 3
Series: Redeemed
Duration: 39:55
When it comes to romance, dating, marriage, and human sexuality, there are so many things that we encounter that are off-base and bizarre. The truth is that many men and women have unrealistic, inaccurate expectations when it comes to romance, sex, relationships, and marital happiness. But the story of two redeemed people – Ruth and Boaz – show us that it is possible for two people, given all the opportunities to do what’s wrong – where others have messed up and maybe they have messed up in the past – to do what’s right.

The Difference Redemption Makes
February 11, 2007
by: Pastor John Stillman
Passage: Ruth 2
Series: Redeemed
Duration: 40:20
The next character introduced in the story of Ruth is the man Boaz. And what we learn from Boaz is that one redeemed person can make a difference.

The Road to Redemption
February 04, 2007
by: Pastor John Stillman
Passage: Ruth 1
Series: Redeemed
Duration: 43:01
What is your view of God? How do you deal with the spiritual areas of God's authority, sovereignty, exclusivity, and priority? Each of the four main characters in the first chapter of Ruth’s story of a redeemed life demonstrate or lack the proper view.